Importance Of PR For Blockchain Projects

Vitor Services Agency
3 min readApr 25, 2020

You are new in the blockchain world and don’t know how to start promoting? Yes, it can be very demotivational when you have an exciting idea and do not know how to promote it through end customers. Being new in this world can be sternly, but we are here to help you solve your problems.

Many people at the very beginning are wondering if they should spend money on public relations and marketing or not. It’s important to note that detailed and well-executed promotion can make a big difference between success or failure for your project. The company with a great idea, backboned with quality marketing and PR can make your project look like a skyrocket, but we are here talking about blockchain and cryptocurrency projects, so more sufficient term would be: your project will go to the moon.

There are plenty of terms to be satisfied if you want to succeed, but these three are appointed as main ones if you’re going to achieve essential goals on your target market. The most important terms are brand awareness, social media activity, and community building.
The main goal for marketing and PR service is to raise awareness about the company’s brand and reach out to a targeted audience that you want to do business with. In the “world of blockchain,” there are many experts and self-proclaimed experts, and you should be aware of that before you start to promote yourself on the Internet. When you are creating brand awareness, you have to find a perfect balance for both audiences. Straight to the point, and straightforward messages very often bring significant attraction to your business.

We are living in the 21st century, and social media are part of our everyday life. If you want to get recognized and that people know about your business, it’s crucial to reach two-way communication between your targeted audience and your company. Sharing interesting posts, establishing a connection with your audience, and being active on social media can reflect in a positive way for your business. Like any other industry, people are looking for experts who have what it takes to steer the market in a better direction.

Community building is an essential part of successful blockchain/crypto projects. Having a community that supports your work is the wind in a back for business for sure. The Crypto community generally is not enormous big, but people in the “crypto world” are often very active, productive, and supportive about new projects. Reaching to your targeted community should be on less famous, or as it is also called “no-mainstream” media like TikTok, Instagram, or Facebook. Your targeted community is often using Slack, Telegram, BitcoinTalk…

We are Vitor Services Agency. We are providing all of the services explained above. The quality of our work was shown multiple times. More than 150 clients are being served successfully in the last two years. It’s not a number where we stop because we want to reach a 4-digit number of clients in the future period.

Feel free to reach to us, and we believe that finding a solution that will work for both sides is perfect cohesion for a successful workflow.