Brand Awareness in IEO PR campaign🚀

Vitor Services Agency
2 min readNov 19, 2020

Hey guys! 🖖 Today we will tell you about Brand Awareness in Your IEO PR campaign⭐️

IEO PR arrived at the end of 2018 after ICOs had forged a bad reputation among investors and the crypto community👎

⭐️Brand Awareness in Your IEO PR campaign

🔎Brand Awareness is an essential aspect of any PR campaign. When a story about your company on a news site goes viral, the company gains a valuable aura.
It becomes more respected within the ecosystem (and sometimes it cross the boundaries of the crypto market and gets mainstream).

📊How can you measure your brand awareness and generate solid KPIs?

🗣Social Listening
Once a story in your IEO PR campaign goes viral, there is a high chance people will talk about your company on different forums and social media.
Make sure you are using a social listening tool.

👣Direct Traffic
When people see your company name repeatedly, they are more likely to directly write your company name in their browser, which counts as direct on Google Analytics.
Also, traffic from sites like Reddit usually counts as direct traffic.

🤫Tips for a successful IEO PR campaign:

❌Don’t fake your community. Companies like to buy fake Telegram members and Twitter followers. This does not help grow your brand.
Besides the fact that it looks strange that you have thousands of followers but barely any Twitter or Telegram engagement, expert investors can recognize fake followers and be less likely to invest in your IEO.
It’s better to show your community your reality and share your roadmap and milestones with them. People appreciate honesty, and by getting your community and investors involved, you will start to see that some of them really care about your progress.

Our main advice — trust the professionals, we know how to avoid mistakes and lead your project to success🚀