The validity of bounty campaigns has recently been called into question within the blockchain community. While some believe that bounties are an effective form of social outreach, others feel that their value to the community must be reconsidered⚖️

Bounty campaigns are a marketing tactic wherein potential contributors perform promotional activities…

To establish a strong foundation for your cryptocurrency community, brands should work to Understand the importance of hiring the right cryptocurrency community manager 🌟

Here are the key points of consideration before hiring a community manager:

⏳Previous Experience;
🧠Cryptocurrency Knowledge;
🕑Their Availability;
🤝Conflict Resolutions Skills;
🧩Creative Thinking Skills;

📍Previous Experience

Hey guys! 🖖 Today we will tell you about Brand Awareness in Your IEO PR campaign⭐️

IEO PR arrived at the end of 2018 after ICOs had forged a bad reputation among investors and the crypto community👎

⭐️Brand Awareness in Your IEO PR campaign

🔎Brand Awareness is an essential aspect…

ICO/IEO/Blockchain Community

Community is extremely important for any crypto project. A strong and supportive community is able to bring a project a tremendous success. And likewise, perfect ideas will die without community promotion. So, the main step you should take to create a community is to find your brand audience.

What is a community and why does a project need it?

First, let’s…

IEO Guide

An Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) is an improvement of the Initial Coin Offering (ICO). Unlike the ICO, an IEO operates through a platform backed by a cryptocurrency exchange. Basically, this is to say that the crypto exchanges are the ones that administer the fundraising process.

In an IEO, the project…

Vitor Services Agency

Marketing Agency for ICO/IEO

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